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What’s Stopping You From Being Successful?

A lot of you may say, “I don’t know”. And that’s true; most of us don’t know what’s stopping us from reaching our full potential. ⠀

Typically, we hold excuses within ourselves that are driven by a multitude of factors, none that are truly why we can’t be successful, but are the reasons why we haven’t tried. ⠀

When we seek out greatness, we tend to want to put everything in our cart at once. “Go big or go home.” — that just isn’t practical is it? ⠀
When teaching puppies new tricks, we teach them one at a time, only moving forward once they’ve mastered the first trick. So why do we try to pack everything on ourselves, without taking the small steps first?⠀

YOU may be why you aren’t successful in reaching your goals. ⠀

Most people aren’t aware that they are creating their own limiting outcomes based on what they’re holding in mind. Many people are intimidated to “Think Bigger!” Usually as a result of trying to resolve something over an indefinite amount of time, we eventually give up because we didn’t reach that goal in the time frame we set up for ourselves. Then we have a tendency to move into the energy of frustration, anger, stress, disappointment, etc.

By letting go of limiting beliefs, we can begin to experience improved outcomes. When we begin focusing on being successful, we are moving forward in a positive direction. We are willing to let go of being stuck or wanting to be right. Because when we don’t see the positives, we’re looking at the negatives, or the fear of moving in the “right” direction. A lot of times, the process of trying to “figure it out” prevents us from ever starting. Making the decision to go for it, is forfeiting those fears and taking the proper steps to become successful in our goals.

It is easy to feel empowered by reminding ourselves that whatever we would like to achieve, IS POSSIBLE. Just by changing what we hold in our mind, creates a snowball effect. Each time we approach things in a positive way, we feel better. If we think things like, “Yes, it is possible for me to lose weight… Or, “It is possible for me to run a marathon,” is deciding to go after what you would really like to achieve. Creating a healthy and positive mindset and telling ourselves, “Today I’m going to make the most out of everything.” Each time we hold in mind good intentions, we are aligning ourselves with improved outcomes, thus, setting our path closer to success.

Back to when we’re teaching puppies one trick at a time, let’s write out possible strategies on how to work towards our goals without getting overwhelmed.

  • Who do you interact with each day? Are you surrounded by people who are in a place you’d like to be? Or are they also down on themselves, moving only in a linear direction? You need a motivated circle so you can bounce off their energy and hold you accountable.
  • What are you reading/watching/listening to each day? Even if it’s mindless, it still has a large affect on your mindset. Find some encouraging outlets to help get your confidence going.
  • Do you keep your pantry stocked with foods that will help you reach your ideal physique? Are you following a fitness routine? Both of these go hand in hand; you cannot follow a fitness routine and have a poor diet. You’ll end up going in circles and never truly get to where you want to be physically, aesthetically, or mentally. Hire a coach, (hi, hello) get a group of friends to do it with you, and make your health a priority. You only need about 20 minutes a day of movement and a balanced diet (a combination of foods you love, and foods you need).
  • How’s your sleep? This is a big one. You can be as motivated and dedicated as can be, but if your sleep is poor, you’ll stay stagnant. Find yourself a good nighttime routine and do what you need to get 7-9 hours a night.

Most importantly, stop making excuses. Because let me tell you, no one cares about your excuse. No one cares why you didn’t get something done. You either do, or you don’t. You want it, or you don’t. Stop letting fear stand in your way of becoming successful.

Stopping You From Being Successful

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