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Fitness is an amazing and empowering lifestyle that anyone can achieve

We provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Choose from an array of existing training options or apply for customization. Let us help you find what is suitable for your ambitions and lifestyle.

Join me in my daily training routine to build strength, stamina, and confidence in and outside of the gym. This program is proven and tested to help build a better athletic base while giving you the aesthetics you desire. Daily training all followed on our app personalized for you to track & log all of your progress and data.

Discover our strength and HIIT program. L³ Sweat’s strength routine uses kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, dumbbells, core training, and much more for the most progressive and result-driven strength training experience. Workouts are never repeated to ensure continual, total body progressions. Our strength program helps you build stability, develop a stronger core and enhance functional strength which will help benefit the rest of your everyday life. All followed on our app personalized for you to track & log all of your progress and data.

Learn what it’s like to reach your full potential. After initial assessment, programs are sent on a weekly basis that tailors to your fitness levels and ability. Every program is fit to your strengths and weaknesses, and includes a variety of exercises that are performed in different planes of movement to improve total body awareness and decrease likelihood of injury. 

Solidify your foundation, build strength, mold your aesthetics, and increase your athletic performance. 

Personalized Coaching will have you leaving the gym feeling better than when you came in. We use science to build you a physique focusing on aerobic conditioning, strength, hypertrophy, and isolation movements to get you feeling and looking your best.

Get on a flexible nutrition program that teaches you habits you can carry out for long term success.

After initial assessment, your custom meal plans are sent for every day of the week. We teach you far more than what to eat or not to eat, as we pride ourselves on being teachers. Beyond changing your thought process, we change your body. Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, we implement a simple, effective, and scientific approach to individualized nutrition.

Beyond changing your thought process around food, we change your body. Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, we implement a simple, effective, and tested approach to individualized nutrition.

Get stronger, pack on muscle, reach your aesthetic goals, and perform at your very best. Training and nutrition for one price.

If you want to take your performance to the next level, improve your life in & outside of the gym, or become more intone with your body’s needs without having to give up your favorite things, The Whole Package is for you.

Personalized Training with Custom Nutrition plans will have you feeling better than you could imagine. Beyond changing your thought process, we change your body. 

"I have attempted many transformations and "diets" over the years, but with Custom Coaching from Leah I got perhaps my best results. I am faster, stronger, healthier, happier, not hungry all the time, and better at CrossFit. There are ups and downs during each phase but as long as you trust the process and stay consistent, the results will show up!"

Michael R.

Leah is creating the training blocks for the Team and you. You get real coaching and guidance on our team’s message boards. You’re joining a community of members that train just as hard as you do.

We support any diet and all goals. Fasting? Adjust or skip meals. Counting carbs? Quickly view net carbs and fiber for any entry. Gaining weight? Go ahead, set a surplus caloric target. Cycling macros? Vary your targets per day.

Sweating a lifeless PDF is so last year. Your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app.

We use a professionally curated food database. No inaccurate community-entered foods. Thousands of consumer packaged goods. Full catalog of popular restaurants. USDA generic foods for staples.

Our app are the products, not you. We run on subscriptions. No ads. Your attention and focus are valuable. We never sell your data. No third-party tracking of any kind. Learn more. You decide who sees your data.

frequently asked questions

Depending on what you sign up for – yes & no. All of our programs come with video tutorials however, some lifts ie; Snatch and Clean & Jerk, need to have some type of knowledge base before performing them unsupervised.

Yes! We coach all levels of athletes and those who do not plan to compete. All of our coaches have elite levels experiences on the competition floor as well as being on the sidelines guiding others. 

We’re all going to get into situations where we can’t do exactly what’s on the training plan for a given day. No big deal. Do you best to substitute as needed and if you need to move a training day around or miss a day, we’ll miss you, but no big deal.

All of our programs are app based! The only things that are downloads are our one time purchased programs.

We are certified and trained to guide any and all diet restrictions and choices. Unless you have a medical condition that requires anything outside of our scope, we can help you!

Absolutely! We coach all genders and ages no matter what your goals are, we can help take you there.

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