How to Monitor Nutrition Without Tracking

Counting every calorie from every food you eat throughout the day or calculating your daily macros can be an exhausting and technical process.

Tracking your monitor nutrition may be beneficial for many reasons…

  • To build awareness surrounding what you are eating on average.
  • Realising where most of your energy and nutrition is coming from in food sources.
  • Gain an understanding around how your body is responding to what you are consuming.
  • Can be helpful if you are working with a dietitian to give them a clearer idea of your food intake and nutrition.

However, counting and calculating nutrition can promote disordered eating patterns and obsession with strict nutrition, or it can just take up a whole lot of your time!

Fear not! Nutrition can be monitored and managed without using such exhaustive techniques. It is important to establish a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained throughout your life. Tracking macros and counting calories may not be appropriate long-term and during busy periods of your life. 

Keeping on top of your nutrition could look much simpler…

Focus on simple healthy habits –
Rather than having strict nutrient guidelines to follow each day, focus on simple healthy habits. For example, consuming vegetables at every meal, keeping hydrated, and moving your body throughout the day.

Build healthy meals –
Instead of counting nutrients in foods and calculating a meal’s calorie content, focus on elements of the meal and whether the meal is balanced. A guide to this includes a larger section of the meal or plate being vegetables, a quarter being a lean protein source for example chicken, fish, or legumes, and a quarter of a carbohydrate source for example brown rice or quinoa. A small portion of healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, or nuts can be included also.

Mindful eating – 

Slow down your consumption! Take the time to acknowledge what you are eating, how it smells and how it looks. This can prolong the eating experience, make the process of eating more enjoyable and can help you notice when you are full and satisfied. This can help prevent overeating.

Using some of these simple techniques can help you ensure your nutrition is adequate without spending unnecessary time and energy on tracking. Give them a go!

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