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How Meal Planning Can Save Money

Opting for home-cooked meals instead of eating out can be a simple, healthy, and delicious way to cut down on spending money each week. However, this may seem overwhelming to the average busy bee that struggles to find time to think of what to cook after work, whether they have the ingredients, recipe, or how long it will take! Who finds themselves getting home after a long, busy day and wondering, “Oh no, what am I going to do for dinner?”

I think it is time you jumped on the meal planning wagon!

Meal planning is an effective way of overcoming these challenges and save money from take-away and convenience meals. 


  • Schedule cook time. Can schedule meals on days where you have more or less time to cook. For example, planning quick and easy-to-make meals on days you have less time.
  • Prevents food waste. Wasted food = wasted money!
  • Ingredients are ready and waiting. If you have planned out your dinners, you will have all the ingredients you need sitting at home waiting for you – no need to grab expensive takeout on your way home from work!
  • Price comparison and deals. Planning can allow you to compare prices online from various supermarkets so you can see where the cheapest items are and what’s on special before you head into the store!


  • Schedule a day to meal plan.
  • Check what you already have in the fridge and pantry.
  • Look up new recipe ideas.
  • Plan for cooking time.
  • Include snacks in your meal plan.
  • Decide how many meals you need – Are you having a work lunch during the week and do not need lunch that day?
  • Write out a grocery list with approximate prices of each item.
  • Search supermarket websites for cheapest products and any specials on.

You are all set! Get planning for you next grocery trip.

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