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“After years of weight lifting, I began taking an interest in the world of powerlifting. However, with no idea where to start I messaged Leah. I have heard from many people having a coach would be beneficial, and that connecting with a coach is a very important part of the process. Leah was very kind and understanding, she answered all my questions I asked without any judgement. She was able to tell me where I needed improvement and change and explain to me her reasoning behind it. Leah was able to help me with tips and tricks throughout my training, as well as assist me in understanding the importance of a good nutrition plan. I began seeing improvements in my form, my strength of my lifts increase as well as my body changing more then I had imagined it would. I would highly recommend her.”

Kristin G.


Mandie E.

“Leah has such a vast knowledge base but continuously strives to gain more so that her clients are awarded the best client-coach services. She truly wants everyone to succeed and be the best version of themselves. This is the best decision I’ve made in a long time when it comes to fitness and my health. She’s easy to communicate with, always punctual with her material, and overall been my biggest cheerleader. She answers any questions I may have almost immediately as well as video feedback. Leah is always willing to listen and wants what is best for me as a whole. It’s not just about the fitness to her as so many other factors play a major role in training. She just gets it.”


Desiree R.

“I’ve been working out on my own for a few years now, and I finally reached a place where I was bored with what I was doing in the gym. I didn’t enjoy going anymore, adjust lost motivation. I also wasn’t seeing as much progress as I would have liked to see. I decided it was time to get some extra help, ad thus I teamed up with Leah for some personalized programming. I’m 8 weeks in and I’m so happy I decided to put my trust in her for the extra kick in the butt I needed! Not only have the personalized workouts been awesome, but so has she. I’m no longer bored in the gym and my motivations come back full force. Her workouts leave me a sweaty hot mess, but it’s a great feeling knowing I really used my body and got a legit workout. I’m making incredible progress on my body goals and it’s all thanks to this girl!”

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“I’ve known Leah since 2013 when I decided to join the CrossFit community in Puerto Rico. We became training partners in early 2014 until late 2015 when I decided to move to Virginia for work after my college graduation. Fast-forward three and a half years and I was a 25-year-old who had gained 20 pounds, lost much of the self-confidence I had built up through my time in CrossFit, and was emotionally drained with a lot of the drastic changes that happened and were still happening in my personal life. I had to do something to gain that self-confidence back, to fall back in love with fitness, to improve my relationship with food, to feel comfortable when going out for food/drinks with friends, to continue living my life without that unnecessary added stress, and to let go of all the negative, obsessive thoughts that kept clouding my judgment and were impeding my progress. I decided to reach out to my dear friend Leah, who immediately understood the frustration I was feeling: I knew exactly what needed to do in order to get back to my desired physique and healthy mental place, but  I had no one to keep me accountable for it and I also didn’t have someone to talk to about it. I discussed with her my personal goals and she came up with a challenging yet fun and effective program to guide me on the correct path toward my goal. We’ve been working together for about 10 weeks and I’ve been tracking my food very loosely (I’m weighing some of my meals and I constantly eat out, but I “guestimate” my macros when I do so). I slowly started to notice physical progress, especially after week 8. I have no doubt I’ll be able to reach my goals if I continue to follow Leah’s guidance as  I have done for the past couple of months. I’m really glad I picked her to help me improve that area of my life.”

Pat H.

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